Our Solution

We listened to the small business market, to insurers and brokers and built our platform to address many of their concerns. Peer Circle can help insurers provide on-demand products suitable to small businesses through a more efficient distribution channel. For insurance buyers the process will be more transparent with insurance features more relevant to them and delivered quickly at lower cost. For brokers and insurers they will be able to efficiently penetrate the small and medium size business market.

Purchase insurance anytime,
anywhere on a fully digital platform


First MGA in Canada to offer peer-to-peer (P2P) insurance, allowing for voluntary risk reduction and identifying better risk for underwriting


Key Features of
Peer Circle Platform


Deep analytics

Deep analytics offered through predictive modeling, AI, portfolio optimization, and advanced risk management capabilities

Easy to use Marketplace

Open platform allowing other MGAs to set up stores online to take full advantage of the rating engine, claim management, and policy administration capabilities of Peer Circle

10% Credit

We offer 10% "bring-your policy" credit for first time users who transfer their existing policies over to Peer Circle

Referral Program

Refer friends, colleagues, or associates to us to earn referral credits

Advantages of Peer Circle Platform


Allows for the on-line distribution and purchasing of insurance by SMEs through their brokers in a cost-effective manner, using peer to peer concept to create incentives for voluntary risk reduction.


A true strategic partner with insurance companies by providing product design, pricing, actuarial services, claim data analysis, portfolio optimization, and risk management.


Allows for more efficient risk transfer by eliminating the need for double entry and providing more positive user experience. Brokers will be able to spend more time with key clients and less time on administrative matters, increasing their profit margin while maintaining the same commission levels.

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